Product Lines

Lance Valves

Premium Solutions Lance Valve

Industrial Filler Valves designed with large volume throughput and low operating cost

Hydro Tester Valves

Premium Solutions Hydrotester Valve

Custom designed valves with proven performance in rough duty, high-cycle service

Diverter Valves

Premium Solutions Three-Way Diverter Valve

Applications in petrochemical and coal gasification plants

High Pressure and Specialty Valves

Premium Solutions Stainless Steel Specialty Ball Valve

Pressures through 20,000 psi. Specialty configurations and trims for customer applications. Texas-based service.

Subsea Pile Vent Valves ("Hatch Valves")

Premium Subsea Vent Valve (Hatch Valve)

Through sister company, Premium Subsea LLC, Premium designs and manufactures proprietary equipment for subsea applications in energy exploration and production

Custom Designs

Premium Solutions custom designed mooring equipment

Premium Solutions professional engineering team designs specialty products to meet customer needs and specifications

Lance Valves

Premium Solutions Lance Valves

Applications in Liquid Filling and Packaging

  • Compatible with Feige filling machines   
  • 35% increase in fill speed   
  • Improved seal reliability, including high temp applications   
  • Lower cost and extended maintenance intervals  
  • Proven performance   
  • Custom options available  

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Hydro Tester Valves

Premium Solutions HydroTester Valve

Applications in Pipe Testing

  • Custom designs to withstand rough-duty and high-cycle service
  • Proven performance in the field for over 20 years
  • Specialty options available
  • Rapid response service by a dedicated team of engineers, machinists and technicians

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Diverter Valves

Premium Solutions Diverter Valve

Service in Coal Gasification Plants

  • Custom designs based on applications
  • Proven performance
  • Specialty options available

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High Pressure/Specialty Valves

Premium Solutions High-Pressure Specialty Valve

Unique applications in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Food Processing and Mining

  • Sizes from 2 through 24 inch 
  • Pressures up to 20,000 psi
  • Ball valves with two-piece and three-piece end entry layout in both floating and trunnion configuration
  • Top-entry designs for field in-line repair
  • Lever, gear or actuator operated
  • Actuator packages installed
  • Custom geometry to fit spatial restrictions

Specialty trims match chemistry and thermal requirements

  • Soft or metal-to-metal seats
  • Special alloys: Inconel 625, Hastaloy C, etc.
  • Internal clad coatings
  • Hard coating on wear components for abrasive and rapid-cycle service

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Subsea Equipment

Premium Solutions Vent Valves (Hatch Valves) on subsea suction pile

Subsea Pile Vent Valves ("Hatch Valves")

Premium Solutions' sister company, Premium Subsea LLC, designs and manufactures proprietary subsea pile vent valves("hatch valves") and vent caps for offshore oil and gas exploration and production  

Please visit for more information about Premium Subsea.

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Custom Engineered Designs

Premium Solutions Custom Design Mooring Equipment

Professional Engineering Services

  • Designs to meet project needs and critical applications
  • Wide array of specialty products driven by customer requirements
  • We focus on safety, reliability, codes, specifications, budget, and lead time

Customer Focus

  • We work with customers to develop specialty products for their unique requirements

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